tina frost: teacher, speaker & entertainer 

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Tina offers an excellent variety of classes and resources for classroom learning. Call for more details. 

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Try something different at your next event. Handwriting Analysis will leave your
guests, employees, or clients fascinated and
talking about
your event for
a long time

to come.

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Because handwriting analysis can be entertaining, amazingly accurate and just plain fun!
People are always amazed  by
what their handwriting
reveals and by using
humor and sensitivity;
Tina will surprise and
impress your guests as
she taps into personality
traits revealed through
handwriting. Tina has 
entertained at corporate, private and charity
events for over 15 years and is an expert in
the industry. 

KAROHS Intl School of Handwriting Analysis

Tina Frost, Certified Master Handwriting Analyst Expert | tina@tinafrost.com | Raleigh, North Carolina

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